Hello I'm David,

an everything I love developer living in Toulouse

My breakfast ?

Any code provided that's Python or Php jam with Javascript butter.


I'm a backend developer working with love and Python (Django, DRF, Flask) or Php, powered by Docker on my Archlinux jumbo jet.

I use git daily to keep my cherished code safe, and reviews to get taught by my coworkers. It's cool to always be someone's padawan, especially for refactoring !

My creative side allows me to enjoy playing with javascript and I try to improve my skills on ReactJs.

I'm convinced by TDD methods, and I try to work this way every day. This is what happens when you see the light with CI utils, like Travis or Wercker.

I've recently learnt to deploy and automate all devops stuff with ansible, and by the way powered my bash up.


TDD with Python everywhere, every day.

Learn Javascript testing.

Work with masters.

More Gorgonzola on Quattro formaggi pizzas.

Dream of

PyPy as the default Python everywhere.

Delete from my memory all those UnicodeErrorS.

Be a game developer (but with Python β€”sic).

Javascript easy tests stack (Dreaming is not a crime).